STYLE GURU BIO: Haley Martin

In high school, I was always known as “the girl who loved fashion.” I started the fashion club at my school, spent over a hour getting ready each morning and thought the biggest sin you could commit was wearing a pair of oversized unsightly sweatpants. However, I have recently faced a dilemma. College presents you with the rare opportunity of revamping, reforming or changing any aspect of yourself. I have the option of slipping my boyfriend’s sweatpants on and trudging to my 8:00 am class, or getting up an hour early and making sure my nail polish matches my eyeshadow every morning. After little deliberation, I have decided to stay with my high school ways, hence applying for a Style Guru position with CollegeFashionista. I’m super excited to be able to make my mark and represent Mercy College, which is not very well known on the fashion front.

Fashion has always played a very large role in my life from a young age. My mom tells tales of tear filled tantrums over which dress I would wear to pre-school. Unlike my love for fashion, my personal style changes constantly, by the hour, the day, the season and with the trends. I often let life itself inspire me, the people I see or the places I go influence what I wear. Some days I want to be singing my heart out at Coachella and others I want to be Serena Van der Woodsen at a luncheon.

My outfit featured above is casual, comfortable and classic, but put together enough to “be going somewhere.” I could wear this out to dinner or throw on a pair of booties and run to class in it. I love comfy oversized button-downs that contrast with a super destroyed boyfriend jean, but a nude pointed toe heel always pulls the outfit together. As for accessories, I’ll always have a wrist filled with bracelets. My parents restore antique homes and that leaves me with piles of vintage jewelry and accessories. (ie. The vintage Ray-Ban Aviators, the vintage turquoise and silver cuff, the gold belt and the silver and gold bangle). I love vintage because it’s always different and unexpected. As for rings, I’ll always have petite silver rings on, but my nail focus is my nails. My nails will always be long, square and a fabulous new color every two weeks. This week features OPI “Hopelessly in Love.”

You’ll never know what I’ll be wearing next or blogging about. Keep up with Halle @hall3lizabeth on instagram. Thanks for reading!