STYLE GURU BIO: Grace Goodrich

Hello fellow Fashionistas/os! My name is Grace and I’m currently a 20-year-old Style Guru who will be writing from Michigan State University this fall!

This year, I will be a junior pursuing a Pre-Med track with two majors—Human Biology and Biomedical Lab Diagnostics—in the hope of going to medical school and specializing in Reconstructive Plastic Surgery. I am also a sister of Kappa Delta Sorority and am involved on campus through work in the Department of Radiology, archaeological research and intramural sports.

Because of my passion for the medical field, it may seem unconventional that I have jumped at the opportunity to join the CollegeFashionista team. However, I initially wanted to be a Style Guru because it is so different from my academics! I have always had a strong love for art, but unfortunately wasn’t able to fit studio art classes into my schedule. When I first heard about being a Style Guru, it seemed like an incredible opportunity to use my creativity in articles, photos and of course my fashion sense, which I will be sharing with you all!

As I grew up, my personal taste changed significantly and I struggled with finding pieces I loved for myself, but following fashion websites and blogs helped me identify which styles suit my personality best. I consider my own sense of style to be simple and chic, as well as a little bit boho. My fashion sense is also connected to my taste in music, and I occasionally add accessories to my closet that channel my favorite artists.

In the outfit, I’ve I decided to go with a classic, slightly oversized T-shirt and jeans that have been rolled at the cuff. I also accessorized with a James Bay-esque hat, which was great to keep the sun off my face on such a hot summer day.

My satchel is large and structured with gold accents that help dress up what could be a very casual outfit. Satchels are great for busy work or school days because not only are they versatile, but their size allows you to bring along items you might need throughout your day: granola bars, water and even your makeup bag for touch-ups or to change your look from day to night.

Finally, I finished off my ensemble with a gold layered necklace, thin bangles and strappy heels. The most important rule of accessorizing is to not overdo it! When accessorizing with a few pieces, ask yourself if the pieces are so bold that they take away from your outfit rather than complementing it; if so, take one accessory off. Most importantly, choose accents that keep the eye moving throughout the ensemble as a whole.

If you’re interested in seeing more pictures from this shoot or from the photographer who took them, follow Nate Sturley ( and myself (@ggoodrich) on Instagram to see more!

Looking forward to a “RAD” fall season!