STYLE GURU BIO: Grace Culver

January 5th, 2015 at 2:00am

Hey Fashionistas/os! My name is Grace Culver, and it is my first semester as a Style Guru. I am currently a junior at Miami University in Ohio and a double major in Strategic Communication and Chinese Language and Culture.

I’ve always thought about working in the fashion world but never pursued it until now. I always thought of it as a dream and told myself to be a nursing major, but who am I kidding? I am going to do what I want, and I want something creative and unconventional. I’ve moved around a lot from North Carolina to Shanghai, China to Chicago, and as I’ve moved, my love for fashion has grown.

I could not live without good food, fashion and photography in my life. My family has raised me to eat pretty much anything and everything. At five years old I was eating escargot and pouring chili sauce on everything. From growing up in big cities, it is almost inevitable to miss out on all the new trends and styles. I enjoy everything bold and vibrant and turning statement pieces into everyday items.

Traveling is one of the most important aspects in life to me. From growing up traveling the world with my first plane ride from South Korea to the United States, I would have to say traveling is in my blood. I studied abroad in Gold Coast, Australia, where I enjoyed the bohemian vibes of the beach. I definitely brought some back with me to the United States.

Nothing completes an outfit like a floppy felt hat. It’s a huge trend in Australia that I picked up on, and I bought floppy felt hats in almost every color. They are statement pieces that you can wear every day, and they help to complete the bohemian look. Pair it with a thick flannel T-shirt with a fading effect and black booties with gold accents. Completed is a comfy, casual, bohemian chic look.

I’m currently a junior, world traveler and striving to bring beachy bohemian vibes to the urban groove of Chicago and cornfields and plains of Ohio. Read my stories every Monday to catch up on all the Fashionistas/os I’m scouting out.