STYLE GURU BIO: Gil Levinger

January 5th, 2016 at 2:00am

Hi, my name is Gil Levinger, and I am your American-Israeli Style Guru! My life is all about exploring and finding the things that inspire me most to keep on exploring. In other words, I dream big and do life even bigger. But that’s pretty vague, and I’m actually pretty vogue. My lust for all things art and fashion started at a young age and hasn’t stopped since.

I am a street art exploring, concert crazy, turquoise jewelry hoarding, colorful sushi eating, thrift store hunting rad girl living in Israel who is studying at an international university full of culture and fashion. I like to keep things old school, whether it’s through the clothes I wear, jewelry I style or pictures I capture with my Canon AT-1 film camera or Fuji Film Wide Instax polaroid camera. As much as I love vintage finds, I can’t help but mix them with modern creations. I mean, how was I supposed to resist buying the boots in my picture (Jeffrey Campbell is life)? Also, Shepard Fairey (aka OBEY) is life. So at this point you’re probably wondering, where is this OG girl even from?

I grew up in California for almost all of my life, and made the move to the holy land my freshman year of college. The opportunity to soak up Israel’s culture while studying in English at an international university full of other cultures was simply irresistible. Now I am in my final year, and I really feel like I’ll be doing it to its full potential as a CollegeFashionista Style Guru. After all, fashion is universal and needs to be represented in all parts of the world, and as your only representative from Israel, I’ll be able to show you how fashion from the states truly transcends overseas. You’ll soon discover that the hallways at IDC, where I study, are actually catwalks bursting with individual style that’s aesthetically unique and versatile. Hence why I founded “Fashion at IDC,” which is IDC’s first and only official fashion page. So tune in and find out why Israel is the ultimate melting pot of fashion, fusion and fun!