STYLE GURU BIO: Genae Salinas

January 9th, 2015 at 2:00am

I could not be more excited to be a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista. I’m a junior at Penn State, majoring in public relations and I work part time as a sales associate at Urban Outfitters.

Penn State students aren’t exactly known for their style, not that they can be blamed; there’s a lot to be desired of the weather here in central Pennsylvania. Popular outfits include, but are not limited to, sweatpants, Penn State hoodies, plain black North Face jackets and ratty pairs of UGGs. I often find myself thinking, “wow, everyone looks the same.” There are a few students who stand out around campus, though, and I can’t wait to expose them.

Fashion and personal style have always been important to me, but I really became more adventurous and interested with the fashion world after I got to college. I found it more fun to wear refreshing, different clothes and began to love setting myself apart from everyone else in that way. My job at Urban Outfitters definitely helped kick my style into gear, too.

The thought of capturing students’ unique and original styles around campus is so thrilling to me. My pictures and articles will not only reflect the amazing outfits each student is wearing, but they’ll capture their personalities and individual creativity. After all, those are the things that make up everyone’s style.

Each week, my posts will hopefully elicit excitement and the desire to try new trends and be courageous in each and every one of my readers. I want everyone to take away the message that not only is it okay to dress differently than others, but it’s actually inspiring to set yourself apart just by the outfits you craft yourself.