STYLE GURU BIO: Gabriela DosRamos

September 1st, 2015 at 2:00am

Hello Fashionistas! My name is Gabriela DosRamos and I am so excited for my second semester writing for CollegeFashionista. I am a middler (third year) at Northeastern University and I am studying Business Finance and Marketing. This semester I will start applying for co-ops, where I will work for the next six months. Having this impending vision of myself sitting in a cubicle while making hardly enough money for my rent, I have started to really wonder what I picture myself doing in the future.

To really explore my passions and possibly future career paths, I decided to sign up for a two-month study abroad in Paris and London to study nothing other than fashion. While I was studying all about this topic in the cities where it practically was created, I realized I had found the perfect industry for me. It was fast-paced, hands on, creative and inspiring. We were able to meet with people who personally decide the new trends all the way to people who buy the coffee for them. Every aspect of the industry seemed incredible to me. However, I am most certainly a business-minded person and I hope that I will be able to get my feet in the fashion industry from the more corporate side.

My personal style is definitely sporadic. I have a hard time sticking to one type of look. I enjoy personifying my mood for the day and incorporating it into my outfit. It is a way to become a sort of your own alter ego. However, I almost always tend to add an edgy twist to my outfits. My most worn piece of clothing is definitely my leather jacket. In this outfit I was able to throw my favorite leather coat over a simple cotton dress tied in a knot. I added my pink purse for a pop of color and then followed my favorite and practical shoe trend with my new adidas sneakers.

I will be posting articles for you all once a month and I hope I am able to show you all a little about my style!