Hey! My name is Gabby Agnes, and I am currently a sophomore at Drexel University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I am very passionate about painting, photographing and creating different fashion trends and techniques. I am extremely excited to share my personal view of fashion and creativity with all of you!

As I am originally from Philadelphia, growing up in the city my entire life has been an irreplaceable journey for me. I have been exposed to the cultured world of art and fashion. When I was a young girl, my father and I would walk around the city for hours with a notepad and pen sketching different architectural buildings, pieces of artwork and fashion we would see on the street. Since then, I continued to sketch different works of fashion, and later was taught how to sew.

With my style, I strive to be different and unique from the rest, by putting together my own work of art. I am constantly up to date with the latest fashion trends, and habitually visualizing different styles and outfits that would work well together. I have always had an intrinsic eye for fashion, so when I envision something and can not find it in stores, I make it! Making clothes is something that I love to do because it integrates my personal style of art and fashion into one!

My modus operandi is anything and everything vintage, retro and ’90s grunge. With my style, what better place to shop at then a vintage store? I have been shopping at vintage stores and consignment shops for awhile now and have found many unique pieces I can put together with any outfit to create my own look. It is amazing what you can find at these stores, for prices that are super cheap and affordable. Whenever I wear these clothes or accessories, I am always asked if I bought the items from a high end store. I love telling them where I bought them from for less then half the price of a high end clothing store!

For this look, a simple way I added my personal vintage flare is with my timeless shoes, and fur coat. I wore a black cropped turtle neck and fishnet stockings, paired with a black patent skirt. From the past to present, I threw on my favorite fur coat and clear black patent shoes from my favorite vintage store. This outfit would be an unfinished work of art without my favorite lieutenant hat and chic retro sunglasses!

I am looking forward to a rad semester filled with some awesome new ideas, so keep an eye out for more fashion inspiration from me!