Hello, my fellow Fashionista/os!

My name is Fifi Oginni and I’m so excited to be coming to an even more rad semester. I’m a sophomore at Miami University (of Ohio), majoring in marketing and minoring in fashion design. Although it’s not the warm sunny beaches of Miami, Florida, I’m so excited to show you how we stay chic and fashionable in cozy Oxford, Ohio.

Since I’ve known myself, I’ve known my fashion. As cliche as it sounds, I’ve always had a passion for fashion–whether it was styling paper cut out clothes, collecting fashion magazines, sketching designs on notebook pads or sewing up bits of fabric onto my Barbie dresses, these skills and loves of mine have followed me to my young adult life. With my creativity and love for every aspect of the industry, I’m really able to put my skills into blogging and designing.

Last April, I came out with my first spring collection, Girls On Film, which was featured on the MUFD (Miami University Fashion and Design) runway. I’m excited to have another opportunity to showcase my sophomore collection again this April, and cannot wait to share my crazy design journey with you all.

As you will soon notice, I crave versatility in fashion. I can go from vintage to post-grunge to bohemian or monochromatic ensembles. I appreciate being able to dip into different aesthetics and turning it into your own. I find that with a few signature pieces and a blend of basics, you and your wardrobe are unstoppable. Everyone has a valuable aesthetic and attitude to offer, and I cannot wait to delve into each of them with you this semester.

In this outfit, I am sporting a baby pink, short-sleeved turtleneck sweater, a gray sweat miniskirt from ASOS, Adidas high-top sneakers in a snakeskin pattern and my classic black fur coat.

I’m easily inspired by many things, including art, my love of travel, my Nigerian heritage, social media (of course) and a number of other factors. I appreciate that fashion is practical, wearable art that can reflect anything about you that you’re just willing to show off that day. I’m excited to find these different styles and experiences with my featured Fashionista/os around my campus and share it with you through the semester. No matter what you wear, or where you go to, I hope I’m able to inspire all of you to serve looks and rock what you wear.