STYLE GURU BIO: Evelyn Hoffman

Hi Fashionistas! It is so lovely to be able to join this rad group of fabulous fashion lovers. My name is Evelyn and I’m a 22-year-old in my last semester studying at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC and let’s face it, committing yourself to a fashion college means you have got to be serious about making a career in this industry! I’m an English-American kid who has a serious love of films (particularly Russian and German), music and cultural idiosyncrasies. For me, fashion is not limited to just the clothes or accessories you wear but also the intangibles of how you act and feel.

My style is an accurate portrayal of all things I hold dear. Being a marketing student, I always feel the need to dress business sharp. I love a good pencil skirt and buttoned top! My style revolves around clothes that make me feel good while simultaneously showcasing my inner #GirlBoss.

On the other hand, I have a deep passion for sustainability and limiting my carbon footprint by reducing, reusing and recycling. Fashion and being eco-friendly don’t always mix. I’m always trying to DIY old pieces of clothing or thrift shop to avoid buying more clothes. I’m often amazed at how my scrimping and saving helps keep my carbon print down while saving money and looking chic!

I’m all about fusing new with old, like this white and mint green pencil skirt that my mom gifted to me from her own fashion days. In fact, these sandals and green, semi-sheer shirt I thrifted came to $15 all together! For me, nothing makes me happier than a bargain deal!

I’m so thrilled to be able to be a part of this incredible family here at CollegeFashionista. I cannot wait to show you the styles around my concrete jungle and campus here at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC.