STYLE GURU BIO: Eunice Margoth Lee

Hello all! I’m Eunice Margoth Lee, and I’m an style guru here at CollegeFashionista! I am a freshman at Fashion Institute of Technology, majoring in fashion business management. It is so exciting to have the opportunity to have Manhattan as my home for the next four years. There are so many opportunities in this city and unique street style in every corner. However, I am originally from the Philippines, and I moved to America at the age of five. I lived in California for a year, but I have been living in the East Coast for the most part.

As you can see from my pictures, I have blonde hair. This was actually something I’ve been wanting since I was 13 and in August of 2015, I finally went into a salon, had my hair bleached and came home with my new hair. My parents, who are pretty conservative, were disapproving at first, but the hair color grew on them. So far, there hasn’t been a day that I regret for making this change in my life. I sometimes apply semi-permanent pink hair dye for days where I plan to wear something edgy or just to simply mix things up.

Other than just hair, I also believe that fashion is another form of expression, an art. My style is very mood-dependent, so I am very open to trying out different styles any time. And no matter how much I adore heels on a regular basis, I love to wear sneakers or flats. I’m that type of Fashionista that puts comfort first over all. Not to mention, I am so on board with the slow, yet fading lines that constructs social norms on how men and women should dress. The minimalist movement that has been appearing on recent runway shows is awe-inspiring to me.

Art is another favorite outlet of mine. In fact, before officially deciding to major in fashion business, I was considering fashion design. I had intentions of helping lead the fashion industry one day to a brighter and more eco-friendly path, not just for the runway, but also for sustainable clothing in ready-to-wear. Even though it’s not my major, I still plan to keep design on the side.

This is my first semester as a Style Guru and I’m very thrilled and grateful for being part of this stylish crew of Fashionistas!