STYLE GURU BIO: Ester Tellez

Hi ya’ll! My name is Ester Tellez, and I’m thrilled to have this wonderful opportunity to write for CollegeFashionista! This will be my first semester writing for CollegeFashionista. I started my first semester majoring in Physical Therapy. However, by the end of the semester, I changed my major to Apparel Design and Manufacturing. I know it is something I will truly enjoy. I plan to transfer later on to Texas Tech.

Fashion has always been very appealing to me. Why? My dad always taught me that we need to “dress to have success.” Wearing sweats everywhere, all the time, was going to get me nowhere. I think that is why now I can’t seem to dress very casual. My elementary younger self loved fashion, yet had zero confidence. Being small and smart made me feel super nerdy and clumsy. I didn’t feel the ability or self-confidence to wear what I really wanted..

Around my junior high years, I decided I was going to try to wear things that were actually my style. I faked my confidence at school with my classmates, who actually complimented me for wearing such bold things; I even wore earrings that reached the floor one time! That feeling I got, after wearing things I wanted to wear, led me to make bolder fashion choices. Not all of them were great and I did go through many phases, even an all pink phase. Even so, I learned from these fashion faux pas.

My high school years were taught to me at home. That’s right! I never got to experience the typical high school years. That however, led to my fashion blogger obsession. I fell in love with the beautiful fashion photography in blogs such as The Sweetest Thing, Atlantic-Pacific, A Spoonful of Style and Wendy’s Lookbook and of course, CollegeFashionista. Reading these blogs, I discovered I could actually make a career out of something that I loved!

Going to college after four years of not being around so many people my age is definitely scary. It’s worth it though. I’ve discovered that this campus can be my runway; it doesn’t have to be a place that I go to in my jammies, but a place to show self-expression!