STYLE GURU BIO: Essence Murray

May 28th, 2015 at 2:00am

My name is Essence (like the magazine) Murray, and I am very enthusiastic about my first semester as a CollegeFashionista Style Guru. I am currently a rising junior studying Advertising at Temple University.

I chose Advertising because it combines my creativity and my analytical ability, two things that will assist me tremendously with writing for CollegeFashionista. However, in the beginning I wasn’t always confident with selecting my major. When I was younger I had dreams of studying fashion in New York, but when it came down to choosing a University that was personally a good fit for me, Temple was my best bet. It’s close to home, has clubs and sports teams galore and has a highly diverse campus full of prospective Fashionistas/os for me to document in my article each week.

With my concentration in Advertising in Art, I’ve developed skills that can be very comprehensive with the fashion industry. I study how consumers react to images, the art of marketing communications as well as economic communications and social communications. These are all important skills as a professional in fashion industry.

Apart from school, I am a freelance makeup artist. My favorite makeup brands are Urban Decay, BH Cosmetics and MAC. Furthermore, I am obsessed with gold shimmer eyeshadow. If you are a friend of mine on campus, you will know that I am always down to beat someone’s face before a party or try out new, crazy makeup looks.

I enjoy long stiletto nails, caramel iced coffee, vampy lipstick and long naps. I also cannot go a day without my IPhone. I aspire to travel to world and visit places like South Africa and Italy. I am also thrilled to embark on my first semester as a Style Guru. If you see me on campus with my camera say “Hi” and don’t be shy if I stop and ask you to take a picture for my posts. Look out for my articles every Thursday!