STYLE GURU BIO: Erica Carter

Hello, fellow fashion lovers. My name is Erica Carter and I’m a sophomore at Kent State University majoring in Fashion Merchandising with a minor in Fashion Journalism. I’m originally from New York City but since my school is in Ohio, that’s where most of my posts will be coming from. I’m more than excited to share my style advice and what I like with you guys.

Growing up in New York City, fashion was always a part of my life. It wasn’t until I got into middle school that I realized how much it influenced me and how much I was in love with it. I found myself obsessing over the way I dressed for certain occasions. I was shopping more and more and the channel E! was always on in my room. I started becoming more obsessed with what celebrities were doing and wearing. It wasn’t long until I realized that fashion was the industry for me. I started out wanting to be a designer but my lack of drawing ability made me look at reality twice. My end career goal is to be a fashion editor for a magazine. However, by the time I’m 30 I would love to start my own magazine. Here are some quick fun facts about me: I love dresses. I hate to waste an amazing outfit on a cruddy day. I don’t like wearing sneakers. I love Justin Bieber.

My personal style is all over the place. I have never confined myself to one style group just because it changes every other day. Some days I love the urban streetwear look because it’s great for when I’m on the go and have a full day ahead of me of running errands. Then on other days, I really want to go girly-chic, head to toe in jewelry with my hair curled and colors as bright as they come. I get a lot of my inspired looks from just looking on Tumblr or flipping through Teen Vogue. My style icons are Rhianna, Khole Kardashian and Zendaya. Zendaya and Khole both do the urban thing so well for me, yet never fail to switch it up when it’s necessary, and Rhianna just looks good in everything so effortlessly.

As for my look in this picture, I’m obsessed with oversized T-shirts. They’re super comfy and can be worn in a million different ways. White jeans are super classic and can be used all year long. Whenever I mix stripes and white or white and denim, I always feel like America’s Sweetheart. So I always feel the need to rebel and wear something that really makes my outfit pop like animal print flats.