STYLE GURU BIO: Emma Bertrand

The word creative has been used to describe me since my youth. I was a crafty kid, spending my free time as a child at my art table. The table was a mess of glitter, glue and scraps of paper, but for me it was a calming space. I never lost this love for creating and now, as a college student, I channel this energy into social media, clothes, scrapbooks and collages.

I love being a college student and the dorky side of me can’t wait for classes to start. This year I am taking some general classes but one that I am most excited about is a film class. My camera is another way I unleash my creative side. As a communication student, I hope to eventually find a job that will allow me to express this side in some way.

I would also consider myself to be an adventurous person. This summer I visited four countries in Europe as a part of a study abroad program and I loved every minute of it. I first caught the travel bug as a child on vacations with my parents. These trips were either historically informative or full of new experiences and they helped me grow as a well-rounded person.

I have found that the small details say a lot more about a person than adjectives and so here are some of my peculiarities. I always use my turn signal. I love potatoes in every form and could live on them, especially since I haven’t eaten meat in the past three years. I earned the nickname “the sleeper” because I tend to go to bed early and wake up late. I usually have multiple jobs at one time because being busy keeps me focused.

There is also a lot to be learned from wardrobe. During the summer, I live in jean shorts and fun tanks. I always cuff my jeans because they are usually too short for me. My vintage jean jacket is one of my prized possessions. I wear Birkenstocks and Converse on my feet and I love to have a ball cap on my head. I keep it fun and casual, but I never miss an opportunity to dress up. So that’s me!