STYLE GURU BIO: Emily Stevenson

Well hello there fellow Fashionistas/os, My name is Emily Stevenson and I am going into my second year of Fashion Communications at the lovely Ryerson University located in downtown Toronto.

For those of you who have never been given the wonderful opportunity to visit Toronto, I would say it is the (friendlier) Canadian equivalent of New York city. People are always impeccably dressed here, and the city is bursting with culture and energy. I am more than excited to share the street styles and aesthetics of my fellow Torontonians with you here on CollegeFashionista.

I will also have all of you know that the students of Ryerson university are no exception to the extraordinarily well dressed people prancing about in the big city. I have visited (and attended) a couple different universities in my time, and it is without question that we Ryerson students are killing it in the fashion department—it is fair to say I have never seen so many good looking and well put together humans at 8:00 a.m. in my entire life. There are so many unique looks and styles on campus that are more than ready to be captured in my amateur photography (practice makes perfect right?).

I would describe my personal style as sleek and feminine. I enjoy lace, heels and dressing up at times; however, I can still rock an androgynous type style here and there.This being said, my favorite pieces are those that rival pajamas in comfort, yet look high fashion to the naked eye.

I am also a firm believer in the fact you can never have enough clothes—my imploding clothes rack can vouch for this. I love being able to mix and match pieces that are timeless and classic, and those that are more outrageous and on-trend. Just like art, fashion is another vessel in which we can portray an outer persona of ourselves to the world without having to speak a word, and I think that’s pretty RAD.

The outfit I’m rocking in this shoot is inspired by the upcoming trend of the high-waisted trouser pant. I picked these tan colored babies at American Apparel. Whether it be a high-waisted ’70s-inspired pair of flared jeans, a high-waisted pair of culottes or a classic pair of high-waisted trousers, don’t be expecting to see many midriffs out and about this fall season. I paired the pants with a see through crop and a long bralette to add a feminine edge in comparison to the slightly masculine pants and harsh looking jelly sandals.

As I said in my bio, follow me on my journey on CollegeFashionista as I’m running through the six with my clothes.