STYLE GURU BIO: Emily Santos

I like to consider myself as a young creative spirit. I have an eye for beautiful things, and I love making something out of nothing. I was born and raised in Chicago, so I am a total city girl. I get a lot of inspiration by my neighborhood and the culture Chicago has. I am a current content creator for my new blog called Saintalexisem. This blog serves as a way for me to promote my work and to expose topics that are important to me and who I am. I started off my blog with my new series, Aspiring Latinas in the Arts. As of now, I am currently an employee at Nordstrom, Michigan Avenue. I recently just finished an internship at Nordstrom called the retail management internship. My goal is to be apart of their visual merchandising team and serve as the lead visual creative stylist.

Before working for Nordstrom, I was a personal assistant to an up and coming designer named Sadhna. I was a personal stylist for her clients, and I did a lot of jobs, such as being in charge of her runway shows, keeping track of her client book and running all her social media sites and events. I attend Columbia College Chicago, and I am pursuing a degree in fashion business. I am a total magazine hoarder and love to spend my free time curled up into a ball reading all my fashion magazines with a cup of chai tea, which is my favorite drink of all time!

I can’t wait for you all to see more of me and how I see fashion through my perspective.