STYLE GURU BIO: Emily Mitchell

When I was 13 years old, my trademark outfit was a pair of plaid shorts and an oversized Aeropostale logo shirt (and I’m talking vintage Aeropostale, with monkeys and stitched on writing, not like the cutesy graphic ones they sell now). The shirt and shorts coordinated in color, and I looked not unlike one of those rainbow Pop Ups you bought from an ice cream truck.

Flash forward six years, and I’m entering my second year of college. To say I’ve come a long way carries an air of overconfidence, but rings exceptionally true.  I’ve watched my wardrobe twist and turn in any given direction, from country girl flower child to by the book New England prep. But I definitely never looked back at those shorts.

I’ve since stopped changing so quickly and drastically, but I still firmly believe that personal style is always evolving. Why else would Vogue come out every month? At an interview, I was forced to describe my style in three words on the spot. After the initial anxiety of such a daunting task passed, I produced an answer that’s still relevant: classic, girly and bright. There’s always some pop of color (or two or five) mixed in with staple pieces that I can wear over and over a million different ways. And when I can, I wear heels. Being shorter, this used to feel like a requirement, but now it’s practically a hobby.

This snap of my outfit captures my (current) style perfectly. The fluttery high-low shirt has adorable pleated detail on the back. Any solid colored shirt practically begs to be paired with a statement necklace (got this one just the other day!). The jeans have the tiniest distressed detailing and boast a more tailored girlfriend fit. I haven’t used another bag since I bought this one, mostly because you can fit virtually anything inside, including an umbrella. I wear my watch every single day because without it, I wouldn’t get to a single place on time. And of course, the shoes. Almost all my kicks are either brown leather or metallic because those colors go with everything, and these wedges are no exception. A little flash of shine makes any pair of jeans feel special.

But note—next time you wander around a city made famous for its cobblestone streets, maybe wear flats. I will, anyways.