STYLE GURU BIO: Emily Lebsock

Hello my trendy people! It’s Emily Lebsock reporting for duty returning for my second semester with CollegeFashionista. I am a senior at The Ohio State University studying Photography and am ever so looking forward to another semester of scouting the fashionable humans on my campus. When I am not taking pictures or doing some other various odd type of art form, I fancy myself to some obsessive online shopping (aka just putting things into a cart and pretending I own it because I am a poor college student, after all), reading books on cool stuff, breaking out into dance at a moment’s notice or pretending to be a super model (or Beyoncé). I cannot wait to share my sass and perspective on the stylish happenings here in Columbus, Ohio.

If I were to describe my style, I am not sure that I could completely. It changes just about as much as the day, depending on my mood. Some days I am all about that razzle dazzle life and will break out a dress at any moment; on other days, I dress like with the finesse of a boy band member and some days I just like to rock out the classics that are always great to grab and look fab. For me, my favorite thing about styling/fashion is the chance to be whoever you want to be that day. Oh you want to be a biker babe for the day? Cool, go for it! Feelin’ like the salsa dancing emoji? Alright, you get down with your bad self. The limitless options always keeps me intrigued about where my style will take me that day. I love adding my own quirks to an outfit; like wearing a ultra feminine dress and pairing it with my go-to studded boots or wearing a button-up shirt as a skirt. Who knows what I’ll conjure up next? I probably don’t even know.

Combining the two things I am most passionate about—fashion and photography—has been such a magical experience for me. When you do two things you love, it does not feel like work and that is what I like to call a great thing. So be on the lookout for my musings and adventures this semester and see my perspective on the fabulous Fashionistas/os in my city.