STYLE GURU BIO: Emily Karazulas

Hi everyone! My name is Emily and I’m so excited to be starting my junior year at Providence College! Fun fact about me: I actually moved to California on my own last year. With that great experience in tow, I realized that Providence was the place for me. So I’m starting fresh, and I’m taking you along with me. College provides some of the best years of your life. Styling your own outfits can enhance the memories you make. I remember certain moments from my freshman and sophomore years oftentimes by the outfits I wore during them!

Having grown up close to New York City, I was always fascinated by the immense fashion culture I was surrounded by every time I paid a visit. I have always had an eye for color and design. I love walking down the street, or in my case, walking across campus and seeing what outfits others have put together for the day. Having the opportunity to be a Style Guru for this semester is a great way for me to meet my classmates while finding new trends and original pieces.

My style has evolved over the past two years. I wouldn’t say I’ve ever had a preference for the outfits I wore up until last year! I’ve gathered inspiration from watching YouTube videos and reading blog posts on the latest and greatest in the fashion world. I really began to learn what I love and what I know doesn’t work for me. That’s the great part about finding your own style. What works for you may not work for someone else, and vice versa. I think there’s something great about everyone’s sense of style and sharing what they love with everyone else!

For this outfit, I paired a simple lavender (my favorite color!) button-down from Express with girlfriend jeans from H&M. My wristlet is from Louis Vuitton and my chunky heeled sandals are from Target! I love wearing this simple shirt paired with more edgy jeans and fun heels.