STYLE GURU BIO: Emily Garren

Rise and shine, Fashionistas/os!  My name is Emily Garren and I am a rising sophomore at Manhattan College studying Communication with a focus in Broadcasting and a minor in who knows what.  I am still figuring out some of the details, but one thing I’m most certain of is my passion for fashion.

“Bumming it” is definitely a non-existent phrase in my vocabulary.  Fun fact, because I know you all are dying to know: in high school, I was known to never dress down until I was forced to wear sweatpants ONE time by my bowling team. In my opinion, feeling good about yourself is half the battle, so no matter my mood, I always dress up for the occasion.  Even if my outfit isn’t fancy, I always like to enhance my look with fun and vibrant jewelry. I never leave the house without making a statement- like having a sparkly piece hanging from my neck!

A few things you should know about me: I love going out to eat, Ellen Pompeo is a goddess in my opinion and I love sunflowers (if you couldn’t tell).  I love French fries so much that I wish I could make a potato my accessory.  My idea of a perfect night is watching Grey’s Anatomy while eating a slice of the Hershey Chocolate Cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory.  (Maybe they’ll see my advertisement and reward me with a free slice? Shameless, I know). Can’t you tell I’m a foodie?

I do not have a favorite store, piece of clothing or accessory.  I believe that every piece I own serves a special purpose and the more places I shop, the more I’ll find.  I usually dress according to my mood, and if I make a new purchase, you’ll be sure to see me coordinate it into my next day’s outfit.

I felt a cute, yet comfortable outfit was needed for my outing to Seven Ponds Orchard, where I was able to pick some sunflowers from the field.  I put on my light wash denim short overalls with a white T-shirt underneath.  As for footwear, I was sure to include my classic white Converse sneakers.  I was overjoyed that it was such a beautiful and sunny day as I was in need of my newest purchase—my round Ray-Ban sunglasses! And last but not least, I had to dress this outfit up with my new statement necklace and some arm candy!

I feel so incredibly lucky to be a part of this opportunity and I am thrilled to share my journey with you on the 15th of every month right here on CollegeFashionista! Peace, love and potatoes!