STYLE GURU BIO: Emilie Stalnaker

Hey, everyone! My name is Emilie, and I am so excited to be a Style Guru for this upcoming summer! I am an upcoming junior at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. I am majoring in Strategic Communications and minoring in Fashion Design.

I have loved fashion for as long as I can remember, and my style has definitely changed over the years. From wearing a black velvet dress at any chance I could when I was five, to rocking a matching purple sweat suit in fourth grade, to bedazzled jeans throughout my pre-teens, up to where I am now. Fashion has always been a great outlet for me to express myself and get in touch with my creative side.

My mom has always described me to be someone who “cannot be contained.” I like what I like and I am a very spontaneous decision maker when I am exposed to things. I tend to pick and choose what I like in that moment. When new styles are presented to me, I tend to make unpredictable decisions when deciding what I like. Testing out new trends is exciting; as I can’t be tied down to a certain style (commitment is hard). I always want to be open to anything that comes my way. I am the type of person who is attracted to things as they are presented to me.

With that being said, my style is an array of things. A lot of people describe my style as edgy, trendy and chic. I find inspiration in people that I look up to, such as close friends, celebrities and musicians. I like to take ideas from what I see them wearing while still adding my own personal style to it. There are some key staples to my wardrobe that are a MUST. For starters, ask anyone who knows me, I never go anywhere without sunglasses. I am basically useless outside without them so I always have pair on me. I also highly recommend having a pair of black jeans in your closet because they are so great for any occasion and can be easily dressed up or down. Finally, black booties are essential. Seriously, I wear mine all the time and they are so comfortable and universal!

I can’t wait to take all you Fashionistas on this journey with me and I’m looking forward to sharing what this summer has in store.