STYLE GURU BIO: Ellanjé Ferguson

January 5th, 2015 at 2:00am

Hello, Fashionistas! I’m so excited to start this semester as a Style Guru with the CollegeFashionista team. I’m a third year Journalism and Communications student at The University of Massachusetts, Amherst. However, I’ll be spending this semester abroad in London, England!

With three out of four annual Fashion Week events happening in London, Milan and Paris, it is widely known that Europe has an enormous influence on the fashion industry! London is a very culturally rich and diverse place. There are a multitude of different cultures, languages and communities in just one city. Also known as one of the best places to shop in Europe—you might be able to tell that this may have influenced my choice in a study abroad location, just a little bit. But who can resist everyday street style fashion inspiration?

As a young girl, in private school, with many restrictions surrounding the way we dressed, I would make the biggest deal out of repeating the same color polo shirt back to back and tried to rebel by wearing a non-uniform colored accessory everyday. As I planned my outfits for dress down days, I used to cover my bedroom walls in fashion spreads from Seventeen and Teen Vogue.

I have always been in love with the concept of fashion as an art form and watching it be displayed through photography. Whether it is a year long planned spread in the September issue of Vogue or everyday street style captured in New York, I’m convinced that simple fashion choices are a story and that photography helps tell that specific story to the world.

To this day, I still spend most of my free time collecting inspiration for my style via blogs on the Internet such as weworewhat and fashionclue, art, books and magazines. As I enter a fashion epicenter for the semester, I’m excited to see, hear, learn and tell the fashion stories of these individuals.

I look forward to bringing you more articles on fashion and the trends happening throughout the city of London! Stay tuned for my weekly street style posts on Mondays this semester, and follow me on social media to get a taste of my personal style.