STYLE GURU BIO: Elizaveta Pereguda

January 5th, 2016 at 2:00am

My name is Elizaveta Pereguda, but I go by “Lisa,” which is actually “Liza.” I mean “Lizza.” That is exactly how I usually start my conversation with new people on campus. If my parents knew their daughter was going to receive her higher education abroad they would probably give her an easier to pronounce name than “E-li-za-ve-ta.” However in Moscow, Russia, where I am from, no one ever comes across a difficulty to pronounce a common local name.

I have spent almost my entire life in Russia except for one year. After I won the FLEX scholarship, I traded scenery of vibrant and lively Moscow to calm provincial Louisiana for one academic year. Ironically enough, that was the best year of my life and the most life-changing one. I had to grow up and leave my comfort zone behind at the age of 16. That is when I decided I wanted to study in a university abroad. Having had an experience of living on my own at such a young age, entering the university in Massachusetts was not big of a deal. Now I am about to start my second semester as a freshman at Northeastern University in Boston. I am doing a double major in journalism and business, but my biggest passion is fashion. I am not sure how I will end up blending my degrees together, but writing for CollegeFashionista will, at least, be a good experience for both journalism and fashion interests. I am also a great lover of art and foreign languages. I speak Russian, English and French.

My style is a combination of my Russian background and current inspirations that I get daily as a Bostonian. I am also a huge fan of grey and light blue colors. The coat of a not so typical color, the cross-body bag,  New Balance shoes with a beanie is a perfect outfit for staying warm in the beginning of winter in Boston.

I personally like Northeastern because of a great diversity of nationalities studying there. I look forward to giving my personal view on campus fashion in Boston as an international student.