STYLE GURU BIO: Elizabeth Nguyen

Long be hold, summer has ended. Time to ring in the new semester. And this semester, it’s not about feeling comfortable and wearing light clothing. It’s the season fashion designers long for—fall. As the new semester arises, new and returning fashion enthusiasts are about to embark in new adventures and fashion trends to report to you all.

For those who are just logging into the new semester, I’m Liz from New Jersey. However my full name is Elizabeth, like Queen Elizabeth. But I’m neither British nor a queen…yet. I’m a wandering soul who loves listening to Beyoncé and Adele and can’t tell which mood I’m in. I admire the company of Netflix and my plushies, literally. If ever and whenever I am to be spotted, I’ll probably be drinking ice coffee while scrolling through shopping apps to find the best deals in today’s latest trends. I’m entering my sophomore year at Montclair State University and majoring in journalism with a minor in fashion design. This will be my second semester with CollegeFashionista and I’m so excited for the amazing opportunities that’s about to embark.

As the fall season draws near, there are many styles that you can wear to ring in the new semester with. There’s the typical sweater weather or plaid flannel with tights. Fall is the perfect season to channel your inner dress up doll and introduce yourself to a new kind of style. This season, I’ve decided to try a simple grunge look. Since 80-degree weather is turning into 65-degree weather, it seemed just about right to put on your favorite denim jacket with a unique graphic tee. Fall is all about the warm colors and sometimes dark colors. To help tie in with the top pieces, black jeans and some superstars are always the best way to kick off the new school year. Of course, you can never forget about the classic black backpack.

Now let’s all live boldly and create #RAD memories, Fashionista/os!