STYLE GURU BIO: Elizabeth Morabito

Hello, all! I am very excited to be returning for my second semester with CollegeFashionista. I had a great experience as a Style Guru last semester so I did not hesitate to return for the fall. I have a deep love for fashion, which CollegeFashionista allows me to express from my campus in a rural area of upstate New York.

Clothing has always fascinated me. The clothes and accessories we choose every day involve an enormous amount of personal choice. What we wear suggests how we want to be seen by the rest of the world. Clothing is a major communication tool because it acts as a form of self-expression to those around us. Clothes also have the power to influence our mood and perception of ourselves. An outfit that makes us feel confident can act as armor against challenges we all face. An item or accessory has the power to be a source of comfort as we navigate our everyday lives. We give these items meaning, which makes them far more than fabric used to cover our body.

One of my major projects this year has been cutting down my own wardrobe. Since my size remained relatively unchanged from my early-teens, my closet expanded ridiculously as I kept adding pieces over the years. It is an on-going process of removing items that I truly do not wear and working up the strength to rid myself of pieces that hold sentimental meaning. Many of these items have found new homes with friends or were donated to Goodwill. I still have a sizable wardrobe but it has shrunk enormously. It is one of my goals to continue routinely inspect my closet and ridding myself of items that no longer fit the person I am today. At the moment, I am loving high-waisted jeans, denim shirts, ballet flats and anything floral.

As I enter my senior year at SUNY Geneseo, I recognize that this will be a year of transition and change. Not to mention, an enormous amount of stress as I plan for post-college life. Preparing for my senior year has already triggered a great deal of reflection about my college experience and amazement at how fast it has flown by. My hope is to make the most of this year because college can really only be done once. I want to be able to look back knowing that not only did I learn, but I also had new experiences and built long-lasting relationships.

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