STYLE GURU BIO: Elisa Cirrito

Hey all Fashionistas/os! My name is Elisa Cirrito and I am a junior at California State University Fullerton in Fullerton, California. I am majoring in English with the dream of becoming a political journalist. A few things about me include my love of traveling, coffee shops and the smell of new books. Within the past year I studied abroad in Rome, Italy (mostly eating gelato) and am currently looking forward to my next adventure to Dublin, Ireland for a summer study abroad program. Let me tell you, wanderlust is real my friends. When I am not planning my next trip, I can be found reading at a coffee shop. I am working on a personal blog in fact, that combines my love of coffee, reading and traveling.

How might this tie into CollegeFashionista and fashion in general? I have always loved picking out my outfits the night before school and staying on top of current trends by reading fashion blogs and watching vlogs. My personal style is not easily pinpointed, it truly depends on what I am doing and what mood I am in. I vary from preppy to grunge and back again, but I like using the term street style to define it. I am all about dressing comfortably and fashionably for my typical day as a college student. As far as my future in fashion, although I want to go into the political scene, I believe fashion is important in order to brand yourself and dress with personal style. Dress for success is my motto!

I am very excited to be a part of this CollegeFashionista team and look forward to sharing all the RAD trends at Cal State Fullerton!