STYLE GURU BIO: Eileen Gillis

I love fashion because I believe that the clothes you wear, the shoes you buy,and the way you do your hair and makeup is an extension of you in the purest form. Sure, fashions fade, trends die and everything in the field of retailing comes and goes, but style is a part of humanity that transcends time and cultural boundaries. Style, by definition is “a distinctive manner of expression” according to Merriam-Webster; it is so important to having a full sense of self. Finding your style—what works for you, what you like, what looks good on you, what you feel good in—is, if not synonymous to, a step towards figuring out who you are as a person.

CollegeFashionista is all about that process. We photograph and write about other young adults with style that we admire or that inspires us. We’re students, we’re learning, we’re growing and we’re just trying to pass right now. But we’re also doing a lot more. We’re figuring out what we want to do with the rest of our lives and who we want to be as we progress through our lives which are now charging full speed ahead. So, style helps us get there. Style helps us project who we want to be, how we want to appear to others, how we spend our time, what we enjoy, where we’re from and where we’re going.

I could not be more excited to be returning as a Style Guru here at the University of South Carolina, pursuing my major in Fashion Merchandising. You don’t have to be a fashion major to allow your style to help you define and find yourself. It doesn’t matter who you are; you have an image, a personality and goals, and your choices in clothes will help you explore and build up those parts of yourself.

So stay tuned to get some tips, inspiration, updates and entertainment as I document those around me in touch with their own style! I look forward to branching out this semester and sharing my experiences with fashion around campus with all of you. Check up on my social media as well to see what I’m up to. Oh, and be sure to RAD my articles and those of other Style Gurus when you see something you like!