STYLE GURU BIO: Dominique Stadtman

Hello Fashionistas! I’m currently a sophomore marketing major and fashion studies minor in Fordham’s Gabelli School of Business. Going to school in the city was the perfect choice for me as style inspiration is all around me, both on my campus and in the streets. I am intrigued by the diversity in style here and take comfort in the fact that anything goes and trends are ever-changing. For me, the streets of New York are a mesmerizing runway.

Since I was little, I’ve obsessed with clothes and how confident an outfit could make you feel. While some use writing, music or art as a form of self-expression, I use fashion. Styling outfits and creating new looks out of pieces that are already in my closet is a satisfying game for me. The best part of this game is that I always win, because when it comes to fashion there truly are no rules. I am a firm believer that when you look good, you feel good. So, I never hesitate to change my outfit for the eighth time in a row if I know the new look will make me feel better.

You can typically find me walking the streets of New York wearing lots of black and a big pair of sunglasses. I truly believe that clothes will always look better in black. With that being said, I love to use texture in order to give my outfits more life. Mixing sheers with furs and leathers and knits gives an effortlessly chic look from my perspective. When it comes to my own wardrobe, I typically like to invest in timeless, easy pieces such as jeans, sweaters and T-shirts in a variety of neutral tones. To add some spice to my look, I mix in more trendy items and accessories to layer with my staple pieces. In this outfit, I styled my classic dark denim skinnies with a chic asymmetrical halter top featuring a low back, along with a black leather cross-body bag and sandals. I’m also perpetually cold, so I am rarely seen without some form of jacket, and I tend to favor my leather moto jacket that instantly upgrades any outfit (and makes me feel super cool).

I’m so excited for the fashionable fall that awaits and cannot wait to start sharing my favorite trends with everyone! Stay tuned for the fashion 411 in the 917 by yours truly.