STYLE GURU BIO: Dominique Regalado

Hey Fashionista/os! I can’t believe it’s already my third semester as a CollegeFashionista Style Guru. It feels like just yesterday I was still searching for that perfect internship to cultivate and develop my love for fashion. What I’ve learned thus far has been much more rewarding for me as a writer and self-proclaimed photographer.

As you’ve read before, I am in love with everything fashion, style and beauty. I’m a senior at Georgia State University in the beautiful city of Atlanta. I’m studying journalism with a concentration in multi-media and a minor in English. My ultimate goal, of course, is to be a fashion journalist for a major fashion magazine!

Being with CollegeFashionista for this period of time, I’ve really learned to be consistent with my personal style. Don’t get me wrong, I love to change it up from time to time, but every true Fashionista has a staple. For me, that staple is my slender gold chain, men’s coats and my Steve Madden bag (until it falls apart).

I really love getting creative with how I piece my outfits together and I look for that in fellow Fashionista/os as well. I love neutral colors, so I paired together a nude top, ripped black jeans and my favorite oversized gray coat, which falls perfectly into sync with my nude shoes and black handbag. I enjoy this type of look because it’s efficient and effortless.

I hope you guys enjoy reading my take on street style and everyday fashion inspo! I can’t wait to share with all of you emerging style gurus a taste of Atlanta campus life. Hooray to another RAD semester!