STYLE GURU BIO: Dominique McGhee

Hello, Fashionistas and Fashionistos! My name is Dominique McGhee. I am currently in my senior year at the University of Mississippi. I am majoring in journalism with a minor in art. My ultimate goal in life is to write for print and digital fashion and beauty publications. In my wildest dreams, I would be the Anna Wintour of my generation (I’m crazy, I know). To my dad’s chagrin, I want to live in London or Australia for a few years while pursuing my writing career.

I love the idea of being able to travel around the world while enjoying my passions. I am obsessed with all things relating to fashion and beauty, but I also have fallen in love with digital and black and white photography. The idea of combining my writing and photography passions with fashion and beauty is what motivates me to go to those dreaded eight a.m. classes every morning.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to continue writing for CollegeFashionista for a second semester and I am really excited about exploring fall fashion, which is personally my favorite season when it comes to fashion. I have been enjoying experimenting with my style and trying new makeup techniques. I spent the past summer bouncing from various styles and have finally found my niche: super girly and feminine or tomboy.

I love options so I could never commit to one style. When I am feeling super girly, there are mini dresses galore and I am usually running late because my hair has to be perfect and my eyeliner needs to be deadly. When am feeling more like a tomboy, I have fallen in love with distressed boyfriend jeans and natural makeup.

Again, I am really excited about everything that this semester has in store and I hope you guys are too!