STYLE GURU BIO: Dhruvi Patel

My name is Dhruvi Patel and I’m a junior at the University of Colorad- Boulder. I was born in Baroda, Gujarat, India and I spent my childhood in New Jersey, California and Colorado. This is my first semester as a CollegeFashionista intern. I have always been interested in fashion so this is the perfect internship and opportunity for me and I am looking forward to the coming semester with CollegeFashionista!

Rachel Zoe has famously said, “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak,” This cliché quote perfectly describes the way I look at fashion and the way I choose to dress. Growing up, I always struggled with my weight and I finally decided to do something with it the summer of the sophomore year of high school. Junior year rolled around and I had lost weight and gained confidence—that’s when my interest in fashion began. I started dressing better and accessorizing and came to the realization that there was so much more I could with clothes and the way I choose to dress myself. Going back to the quote, I believe that the way a person dresses speaks volumes so I choose to say a lot with my style on a daily basis.

My personal style varies day-to-day depending on my mood and the occasion. I can’t really put a label on it. My go-to look is definitely black on black because it’s chic with minimal effort. I always carry a big handbag because I think it just ties everything together and of course accessories are a must. These two can make an everyday look go from average to runway worthy. I like to add just a touch of Indian flare to my everyday look so I never leave the house without wearing my jhanjarwhich is a silver anklet that is a staple in Indian fashion, and I also like to have my mendhi, also known as a henna tattoo, done as often as I can. Thank you for reading my bio and stay tuned for my upcoming posts during my internship this semester!