STYLE GURU BIO: Devynne Diaz

January 5th, 2016 at 2:00am

Hello fellow Fashionistas/os! My name is Devynne, and I’m so excited to start my internship at CollegeFashionista. I’m a sophomore at the University of Arkansas majoring in news and editorial journalism. I hope to one day work for a fashion magazine as a writer or photojournalist. My passions are writing, art, photography and music. My dream career would be working as the editor and creative director for my own magazine. Independent creative people inspire me every day. As a Style Guru, I hope to find the unique personalities on my campus and share their creativity in my articles.

Two words I would use to describe my style are classic and simple. You can almost always find me wearing all-black, but sometimes I brighten my ensembles with pops of color and patterns. I consider myself a tomboy with a feminine edge, but I still love dressing up in heels and a dress or skirt with jewelry.

As the spring semester gets closer, the weather gets colder in Arkansas. Rain and sleet are regular occurrences, which means layered, practical outfits are a necessity. This outfit maintains practicality with a stylish flair.

The two main pieces are my black rain boots and my flannel. This flannel instantly brightens and adds contrast to my classic black and white ensemble with a cool navy blue, forest green, burgundy and gold hues, and it keeps me warm in the winter. It’s light enough to be a layering piece and easily transitions between the four seasons that I experience living in Arkansas.

The Chelsea-style of my rain boots adds an edgy look to my otherwise casual, cute rainy day outfit. As a fashion lover, I love finding pieces to add to my wardrobe that serve a practical purpose as well as looking chic and stylish. I opted out of buying knee-high boots or L.L.Bean boots for a sleeker, narrower rain boot.

Finally, my dainty jewelry contrasts against the tomboy style with subtle flecks of gold. My signature gold ring on my index finger is a part of my everyday look and is an extremely versatile accessory. Paired with a thin gold thumb ring and my gold heart necklace, this is an easy simple way to create a more feminine look to any ensemble.

Altogether, this effortless layered look is an easy way to play with colors, patterns and contrast.