STYLE GURU BIO: Devon Hamwright

Hello Fashionistas/os! My name is Devon Hamwright. I am a junior Fashion major at Philadelphia University. Outside of classes at Philadelphia University, I am actively involved on a student board on campus and numerous clubs. In addition, I really enjoy sewing clothing for myself and creating special looks that are unique. The overall process of sewing clothing for myself has helped me to embrace my body and stay true to myself! The freedom of making my own clothing has really made me think about the brands I choose to buy clothing from more carefully. I never want to own a closet of only one brand. In my mind, that means I have become too scared to try something different. I refuse to “dress normal” because the rest of the world is already doing that.

This is my second semester writing for this blog. I am very excited to be back and really get to showcase my school. Nobody does fashion better than Philadelphia University! I am excited to see how college students decide to rock fall fashions. I am constantly fascinated with how students will decide to take on new trends or even start trends of their own. This age group is extremely interesting given the stereotype of the “broke college student.” Yet, I am always amazed when I am creating these style posts! I never have to look very far with so many impressive young men and women becoming sharp individuals with style.

As for my style, I am constantly changing and trying new things. My mood has always had a direct influence on what I choose to wear each day! My style has definitely been influenced directly by this internship. My style is definitely a mixture of girly, vintage, urban and cutting edge trends.