STYLE GURU BIO: Devan Randolph

STYLE GURU BIO: Devan Randolph

As I am entering my senior year of college it dawned on me that this is my last first day of school. It’s my last time picking out my best outfit to show off after a long summer, my last time buying shiny new school supplies, and my last time being excited to go back to school just to see all my friends in one place. Every first day of school is different and of course, the college first day is way different from the kindergarten first day. I’m no longer crying because I don’t want to leave my mom for whole day and be under the supervision of a stranger. Now I’m getting a weird feeling in my stomach knowing that this is the last one—my last first day and knowing that my life and responsibilities will be completely different in a year from now.

I have grown so much since my freshman year of college and it is reflected in my personal style. As a freshman I was really into trends, wearing the trendiest pieces regardless if it was appropriate (shamelessly I tried to show as much skin as possible). Now, I find myself attracted to a more classy elegant style. When I’m shopping I reach for pieces that would be appropriate to wear to an interview, work, or even a nice dinner, rather than a party, which would have been my mindset freshman year. I guess I’m becoming an adult…

As scary as that sounds it’s also exciting. I’m becoming my own person, establishing independence, and developing my signature style. In this look, I opted for a modest maxi skirt paired with deep V bodysuit just to show a little skin. For accessories, I added a bold cream tote to contrast the dark colors and a leopard belt and gold bold rings to show a little bit of personality. Finally, for shoes, I’m wearing black wedges to dress up the look, which makes this the perfect outfit for a nice dinner in the city with friends.

Going into my senior year of college I’m scared yet excited to see all the opportunities and adventures that come my way.