STYLE GURU BIO: Denise Naomi Wakiaga

Hello, everyone! My name is Denise Naomi Wakiaga, but most people call me Naomi. I’m a senior at University of Delaware, majoring in Economics with a minor in Fashion History and Culture. This is my first semester working with CollegeFashionista and I’m excited about my journey as a Style Guru.

I have always been interested in all things fashion. It started way back in 4th grade when I would sketch dresses and outfits. This has since then evolved into my obsession with the fashion world. Along the way, I nurtured my love for fashion with inspiration from magazines like Vogue, Elle and Harper’s Bazaar. Once I got to college, I discovered that I could actually turn this love for fashion into a career. I plunged head-on into the fashion world: living and studying high fashion in Paris, working Paris Fashion Week and interning for an African-themed shoe brand in Kenya. My next move is conquering another fashion capital (drum roll…): New York City! I will soon intern with American fashion designer, Tracy Reese.

So how do I describe my style? One word: versatile! I’m constantly evolving and trying new things. I wore uniforms my entire school life, but I was always curious to try out new styles to break up the monotony. Thus, by the time I got to college I knew exactly what did and did not work for me fashion-wise. I continue to draw my inspiration from all over: the runways, street style, as well as the various countries I live in and visit (the United States, France, Spain, Kenya, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Dubai). I do love bold items: bright colors or bold prints. I’m obsessed with blazers and heels (I’m vertically challenged!). The Maasai beaded jewelry is my accessory staple. I was born in Kenya and wearing the jewelry is how I stay connected with my roots.

The Chinese philosopher, Confucius, said, “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in you life.” Fashion has evolved from being something I considered a hobby to my career. My ambition is to work in the business side of fashion and ultimately become an influential voice in the world of fashion. I aspire to add to the creation of a fashion world that does business ethically and sustainably so that future generations have something to build on to. Until then, I’m going to be updating you guys with all things stylish on campus with my weekly articles. So if I stop you on campus, don’t run…you could be the next Fashionista/oI feature. Thanks for joining me in my journey and stay tuned!