STYLE GURU BIO: Deenie Hutchinson

I looked in my mirror one morning and said, “What the heck am I wearing,” and that’s when everything changed.

My name is Deenie Hutchinson, and this is the story of my life. Just kidding, that would take more than 250-500 words, perhaps in 501 words, but I most certainly cannot summarize my life in 250-500 words.

I’m currently attending a Christian college in California called The Master’s college (GO MUSTANGS), majoring in communications with an emphasis in electronic media. You must be picturing most communication majors wearing nothing but outdated black cargo pants, military boots and a T-shirt representing their favorite superhero…that actually doesn’t sound like a terrible outfit, but that’s beside the point. The point is that just because I may not be involved in a fashion design program, fashion can continue to make me look like a heart eye emoji as well as the emoji wearing that ravishing red dress. So cheers, to all the engineering, biology and mathematics majors who continue to slay college campuses. Let’s also say cheers to those who wear Crocs to class because I, one day, aspire to be you.

When I was 17-years-old, my interest in fashion drastically intensified. I gradually ditched traditional department stores and ran straight to “glitter and gold:” thrift stores! It’s vital for fashion-obsessed humans (yes that means you) to understand that you can look amazing wearing secondhand clothing. My closet soon inhabited old grandfather sweaters, dusty flannels and an unhealthy number of jean shirts. Just like Tupac said, “I’m tryin’ to make a dollar out of 15 cents.”

Speaking of thrifted items, I snatched those Jeffery Campbell’s at a thrift shop in Hoboken called Cheap Maggie’s. Whoever thought it was a brilliant idea to cut pieces out of booties did, indeed, have a brilliant idea. Wearing boots in the summer may make some feel uneasy, but do not fret, my dear. The cutouts on the side make for breathable and odor-free feet!

To be more of a well-rounded individual, I challenged myself to try maintaining one style throughout each semester. For this fall, I’m going for more of a minimalist approach. Some may assume that one must ditch all patterns and bright colors when doing this. False, my friends. No matter what style you choose to transition to, it’s important to stay true to you, and Lord knows I love my colors and patterns. When fall rolls around, I plan to pull out my favorite funky socks from Urban Outfitters and colorful pantyhose (yes, I just said pantyhose) to add a pop of personality while still maintaining neutral colors throughout the rest of my outfit. Being that it is my favorite season, fall came early for me and I just had to whip and nae nae out those forest green tights from H&M.

I’m super stoked for everyone to see what I have in store for this fall semester, so tune in every month with your favorite burrito and we’ll get the party started.

I’ll catch you on the flip-side!