STYLE GURU BIO: Danielle Thoma

A true “Fashionista” never calls oneself a “Fashionista,” but instead humbly accepts the title with honor and grace. While I love to put a unique touch on my personal style, I find helping others express their own is much more rewarding. My name is Danielle, and I am a junior at the University of Vermont. After spending my freshman year at the College of Charleston feeling out of place, I finally found not only a home in the charming city of Burlington, but also my truest self regarding personality and style.

As an English major and Advertising minor, I consider myself an avid writer with a visual eye. Aside from keeping in touch with the latest runway shows (I am obsessed with Chloé and Anna Sui Resort 2016 at the moment) and reading the monthly issue of Vogue, I enjoy spending any spare time practicing yoga, listening to records, or sticking my nose in a book at the beach. I grew up in a small, beach town south of of New York City, which fortunately gave me the exposure to the fashion world at a young age. My mother, along with my fictional idol Carrie Bradshaw, inspired me in terms of art and fashion; both bright Fashionistas and creative intellectuals. An FIT graduate and personal stylist, I inherited any sense of style from my mama. After seeing her sketches from back in the day, I even pursued fashion design lessons which introduced me to an entirely different side of fashion I grew to love.

I run into trouble when asked to define my style, because it changes based on mood and season and can never make up its mind. As a stylist at Anthropologie, you could say my wardrobe embodies all the company stands for; the creative bohemian’s lifestyle. I consider myself a more polished bohemian, laid back, yet always careful to make sure every touch is perfectly un-perfect. I strongly advise to go against the grain because if you follow the trend too closely, you will lose sight of your authenticity which is fashion’s fuel.

To give you a taste of my look, I threw on my Yumi Kim jumpsuit, representing my tendency to gravitate towards color and pattern. For a pop of color, I grabbed my studded, fringed, Botkier cross-body and decorated myself in turquoise jewelry (it’s ALL in the details). As pictured, my favorite accessory is my Simba tattoo (yes, it’s real). Many may consider this eccentric one-piece a bit fancy for a normal night out, but do not fret, I always carry my Pilcro denim jacket which changes an outfit’s entire mood. A versatile wardrobe is key to fashionably prepare for any occasion. To top off any ensemble, I always have a hat on hand. Although I prefer to stay out of the spotlight, my clothing acts as my secret weapon when I wish to make a statement. After all, what else separates you from the rest of the crowd?

Be sure to stay tuned for my monthly articles here on CollegeFashionista! I am so excited to share with you all the awesome trends from the stylish Fashionistas/os around my campus and hopefully spark some inspiration in you.