STYLE GURU BIO: Danielle Szatkowski

January 5th, 2016 at 2:00am

This is my third collaboration with CollegeFashionista and I am excited to jump into the spring 2016 season with new looks and fun beauty tips for my readers. I would have to say that my style is simple and classy. I like a whole Saint Laurent look or a wardrobe that gives off a ‘cool edgy’ vibe. Basically, I take this ‘cool edge’ vibe and mix it with high-street labels. Although I do enjoy some color in my wardrobe, most of my closet is filled with black denim, leather and platforms. Platforms are my niche, the bigger, the better. My fashion staple would have to be a pair of mid- or high-rise jeans that look good on the butt, with a skinny leg.

Recently, I have been enrolled and accepted into Teen Vogue’s x Parson’s Fashion Design certificate program. Besides editorial, I have always had a passion for fashion design so beginning this journey in the new year is very thrilling. Currently I am finishing up college and trying to get involved in any editorial internship that I can find. My plans for the future are to get involved in fashion editorial and possibly go back to school for fashion design, so that I can create my own fashion line. I’ve always been drawn into the big city. There is something about the culture and the busy lifestyle that I am attracted to. So in the midst of everything, I know that in order to make the most of my dreams, I have to move so that I can network and get involved in the fashion industry.

This season I am eager to really put a twist on this internship. So for future readers, be ready to expect the unexpected. I’m talking the latest trends with a touch of my personal taste. Along with my love for fashion is my love for makeup, so be prepared to see articles on a wide spectrum from natural looks to something dramatic. I’ll be the best friend that is there for you through all the fashion madness, from campus selections, to your first date and to the nights when you just want to let your hair loose. So stay tuned readers, I am here to make sure that you catwalk into the new year with style.