STYLE GURU BIO: Danielle Gasparro

Greetings and salutations, Earthlings! My name is Danielle Gasparro and welcome to my fourth semester being a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista. It seems like this time would never come, but I’m finally in my senior year at West Virginia University. It’s thrilling to think I will be crossing the stage in May to receive my degree in fashion merchandising and then heading into the open sea of opportunities.

I have always wanted to work in an innovative field and my favorite way to express my creativity is through the way I look. I love experimenting with colors, fabrics and silhouettes. It’s not a rare sight to see me in an off-the-wall-print.  I am a lover of all things kitsch and consider myself a lipstick connoisseur.  My personal style is always changing based on my mood, the weather, what TV show I’m watching. I just try to take inspiration from everything.

The first inspiration I got for this outfit was the back to school season. I just started classes and with it being my last fall semester, I have a lot on my plate. I have even taken up a teaching assistant position. That means I have to look ready to be on the job at all times. But, come on, I can’t look basic, that wouldn’t me at all.

That’s why I chose my newest animal-print top that features some angry alligators. It comes from one of the best places to buy prints; H&M. I then used some simple pieces from my wardrobe to build up my look. To keep things simple, chic and semi-professional I paired my tank top with a solid cardigan and a skater skirt. Finally, since this is my last year as a school girl, I pulled out my knee-high socks and oxfords.

Just remember, when you are wearing a statement piece, like my alligator tank top, pair it with classic and simple pieces and you can’t go wrong!

Now, make sure you’re checking back every month so I can fill your head with more fashion lingo, style advice, trend reporting and RAD street style.