STYLE GURU BIO: Danielle Frere

September 1st, 2015 at 2:00am
STYLE GURU BIO: Danielle Frere
Happy first week back to college Fashionistas and Fashionistos! Seems like summer flew by, doesn’t it? Besides the exciting outdoor events and beautiful summer nights, I don’t miss the blistering heat, and in fact I am way too ready for fall to fully commence. Chilly nights, deeper colors and pumpkin flavored everything, I’m definitely ready to say goodbye to summer for the year.
I’ve recently acquired an obsession with leather items. From bags to shoes to jackets, I can’t have enough! From Zara to NASTY GAL to Nordstrom, I’m sure you’ve all been noticing quite a few ‘moto’ jackets, and they’re pretty affordable at that! While I’ll still drool over the motorcycle jackets that Acne and AllSaints carry, it’s still great to know that more affordable locations carry just as beautiful jackets! My specific inspiration for this look is from Balmain’s 2009 Fall collection featuring amazing leather jackets. The effortlessly chic and rad flair of the motorcycle jacket is perfect to top off any look, and of course Balmain portrayed that well with pairing the jacket with simple ensembles. Sadly, my recent obsession with both the jackets and Balmain’s collection doesn’t work too well with the current hot weather.
I decided to go ahead, brave the heat and don my new leather ‘moto’ jacket. While the jacket is a little toasty for a hot day, adding a lightweight top, like this simple white tee, gives a little bit more room to breathe.
With these two pieces, I thought a pair of pants would do the trick, so of course I put on my new pair of American Eagles Outfitters jeggings, which look perfect with literally any outfit, but for this look, it really did the trick.
A little into summer, I did a bit of sale hunting at Zara and stumbled upon an irresistible pair of patent leather loafers, shoes of my dreams! Without hesitation I snatched them up. I decided it was impossible to not include these fabulous loafers in my look.
To accessorize, I kept it simple by adding a pair of colorful shades, and a simple stone necklace.
While the look with just the tee and jeans may be boring by itself, adding extra accessories and a pair of fun shiny shoes really ties the whole look together.