STYLE GURU BIO: Danielle Dixson

September 1st, 2016 at 2:00am
STYLE GURU BIO: Danielle Dixson

Hello Fashionistas/Fashionistos! This is my second semester with College Fashionista as a Style Guru, and I couldn’t be more excited to continue working with the College Fashionista squad.

Let me tell you why I love College Fashionista. I play Women’s Soccer at Xavier University, and I’m currently a junior. As a business Management major with a minor in HR, it can be hard to bring some creativity to the business world as some things are more traditional, but that’s where style can play a role. College Fashionista gives me a chance to still do what love while still being educated in the business field.

Growing up, I was destined to have fashion sense because of my stylish Mom. Now, don’t get me wrong, it definitely took me some time to figure out how to dress my body in my own unique way because along the way, there were one too many fashion mishaps. But, nonetheless I’ve found my idea of style.

I don’t have a specific style that I always wear. My idea of fashion is pretty much, shop anywhere, buy the things that accentuate the best features, and stand out. I think a lot of people can relate to the tragedy of having the same exact clothing item/accessory as someone else, but of course it’s going to happen. So, what I like to do is take each piece I own and add my own signature to it. Every outfit I choose, I add a little flare to it to make it more me. I think the best thing about fashion is that we have the opportunity to express who we are as a person before we even speak. Although, we shouldn’t judge people based on their looks, the way you dress and carry yourself says a lot about you.

This time around, I wanted to go for an “athletic chic” look to show off my athletic side, but also display my chic side. I have a sheer mesh bodysuit paired with a bralette underneath. Then, I have a pair of destroyed denim shorts, and a pair of creepers. Then for a touch of elegance, I added my crystal accented drop earrings, my favorite pair of sunglasses, and of course my signature winged eyeliner. Lastly, I have my favorite trend right now, a bomber jacket.

I can’t wait to go exploring for the Fashionista/Fashionistos on campus as this semester gets going. Be sure to join me for a #RAD semester!