Hello again, gorgeous people! I hope you all had a peachy summer! If I had a motto for my summer it would be: say yes, figure it out later. Doing so has created so many adventures as well as opportunities that I could say are an experience of a lifetime. Studying at two colleges, working two internships and operating an online apparel business keeps me pretty busy. I admit, it gets pretty intense at times but I like that it pushes me to do more and allows me to explore my creative side. The feeling of accomplishment makes it all worth it! I encourage everyone to push yourself this semester whether it’s being more daring with your style or just simply taking more chances!

Eight months ago, I decided to moved 2000 miles from home and make my dream  a reality! Now here I am, ready to conquer. It’s a bittersweet feeling. Living in the city, you see all kinds of styles and even if it’s something I wouldn’t wear or pull off myself, I can definitely still draw inspiration from it. I believe we should have fun with fashion! To me, there are no rules to fashion. If you like it, wear it! When you put on your favorite pair of shoes or pants, you go on with the day feeling your best. Fashion can boost our confidence on a date or even an interview.

I’m currently a huge fan of culottes, so much so I seriously think they deserve their own Pinterest board! These vertical stripe culottes elongate the body by drawing the eyes up and down. They are the stars of the outfit and feel so light and breezy! I love that they have pockets so I can stick my phone in as I’m walking to gain some km for Pokemon GO (gotta hatch those eggs!) I paired it with a dusty pink color top since its my favorite color to wear lately. For shoes, I went with some Valentino pumps to give it a more polish look but slides work just as great!

Until next time Fashionista/os, keep staying RAD!