STYLE GURU BIO: Dahlia Aggarwal

Hey there, Fashionistas/os!

My name is Dahlia Aggarwal and I am a sophomore at Indiana University Bloomington. I am currently majoring in Business although I plan to switch to Apparel Merchandising real soon.

I can trace my interest in fashion back to when I was in fourth grade. During our free periods, my friends and I would gather and sketch clothes in our tiny ruled notebooks and later embellish our designs with all kinds of sequins, buttons and what not. Funnily enough, my interest in fashion further developed when I read the Shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella. Sounds strange? I know! But these books acquainted me to the fashion jargon by introducing me to the fashion terms and names of high street labels, designers, couture houses and what not. Post this, I bought my first ever Vogue and have been addicted to it since then. Fun Fact: I have stored all the fashion magazines I have bought in my 19 years of existence. Therefore, I can very well say that I have always been fascinated by the world of fashion.

My inclination towards fashion was complemented by my aptitude for arts as I started sketching croquis and designing clothes in my free time. While sketching, I learnt a lot about my personal style but most of all, I learnt that our personal style is evolutional. It is subject to constant change. And these changes is what we call phases.

As far as my personal style is concerned, I like to keep things simple yet unique. I usually like to pep up my look with a statement piece in the form of jewellery, scarf or a bright lip shade. However, I have realised that through all my phases, my love for sequins and the colour black has remained immutable. In the words of Wednesday Addams, “I’ll stop wearing the color black, when they make a darker color.”

So this is my fashion story in a nutshell!

In my pictures, I am wearing my go to black leggings, a classic cardigan and my Lace-up boots. I put on a bright eternity scarf and a silver statement ring to make my look fun.

I am super excited to blog this semester and hope you will stay connected with me! Stay stylish!