STYLE GURU BIO: Cydney Shepherd

I’m Cydney, a sophomore Fashion Merchandising major at Kent State. I’ve always had an interest in the fashion industry and, starting from a very young age, have had dreams of attending a top-notch fashion school. Luckily, this dream was able to come true! My ultimate dream is to work with a major retailer to help commercialize clothing tailored for individuals that deal with physical disabilities. This is in part due to my own struggle with scoliosis and finding clothing that will comfortably fit my body despite my uneven hips and shoulders.

Scoliosis has really impacted my style over the years. I often opt for looser, more flowing clothing, which has led me to appreciate the boho look. That, coupled with my love of all things preppy, makes for quite the variety in my wardrobe. I range from wearing a classic cable knit sweater and jeans, to a floor-length dress coupled with a fringy cardigan. My shoes go from gladiator sandals and Birkenstocks, to brightly colored flats and knee-high riding boots.

Attending a campus filled with some of the most creative, fashion-forward individuals I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing has definitely allowed me to open up my mind to all varieties of style. Working with the CollegeFashionista team will give me the opportunity to reach out to these individuals and hopefully inspire my own wardrobe in new ways!