STYLE GURU BIO: Courtney Costello

Hi, Fashionistas! My name is Courtney Costello and I am a sophomore Business student at the University of Florida. I have always loved writing and learning about beauty and fashion trends, so when I learned about CollegeFashionista last year I knew it would be an amazing internship for me. Now starting my second semester as a Style Guru, I know I was right. Since I was young, writing for a fashion magazine was among my long list of dreams. More recently, I have discovered my passion for the business side of things as well and have decided to pursue a degree to get into fashion marketing. My goal is to one-day end up in the heart of the fashion industry, New York City.

Honestly, I think that everyone loves fashion. I mean, who doesn’t like to show of their own unique style? For lack of a better word, fashion is fun. It’s a way to be you and display that to the rest of the world. Personally, I definitely have my days (or weeks) where T-shirts and sweats are my everyday attire. But, every day, the Fashionistas/os around my campus inspire me. Being able to stop stylish students at my university, that normally I would have just admired from afar, is something I love doing.

My personal style is extremely versatile. It really does depend 100 percent on my mood that day. Today I chose to wear all white pants to really show that end of summer tan. Although I look 14, sometimes I forget I am in college and it is now socially acceptable to wear chunky platform heels whenever I want. Isn’t college great? Now, I always have to grunge up my outfit a little bit, so to finish off the look I add my light-wash denim shirt.

As you can see, neutral colors are my best friend. You can almost always catch me in all black, white or gray. If I had to use a season to describe my fashion sense, it would definitely be fall. Fall fashion is all about layering, little black booties and high socks. That’s exactly why fall is my favorite season and I am so excited for this upcoming semester! The colors are gorgeous, the fashion is fabulous and the campus is flooded with Fashionistas/os ready to share their fashion insight with us.