STYLE GURU BIO: Courtney Cheshire

STYLE GURU BIO: Courtney Cheshire

Happy fall, Fashionistas! I am a returning Style Guru and I am excited to spend the season with you! I am a sophomore at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, GA, and originally from Michigan. I am studying graphic design, a course of study which will be brand new for me this fall because I switched from a film major to a graphic major at the end of my freshmen year

I have been in love with fashion since the end of high school when I began to embrace dressing eccentrically. I believe that fashion is a perfect way to express yourself and to let people get to know you a bit by just giving you a simple glance. My favorite things to wear are dresses, skirts, crop tops, knee-high socks and sweaters (which I rarely get to wear since I moved to the South!). I rarely dress colorfully, rather opting for black, white, grey and gold. I have a love for makeup as well, with black lipstick being one of my favorites despite its tendency to make old people look at me like I’m the Antichrist or something. I also won’t be caught dead without my trusty winged eyeliner–somewhat of a trademark for me, according to friends and family.

In this outfit, I am incorporating some of my favorite fashions. The dress I’m wearing is a beautiful Urban Outfitters garb I’ve dubbed “the bat dress” due to its beautiful lace sleeves. The dress perfectly fits into my strange goth/1970s/Morticia Addams aesthetic. I have my hair up in milkmaid braids, a look I was inspired to try after seeing the 80-year-old heroine from the movie Harold and Maude don the look. Speaking of movies, they are one of my biggest loves and inspirations so I often incorporate something movie related into my outfit. Besides my Harold and Maude hair-do, I honor film through my tiny enamel pin of Black Phillip, a devilish goat from the horror film The Witch. I love heels because I’m a measly five-feet-tall, but the historic cobblestone streets of Savannah force me to wear flats like the ones seen here. I cannot complain, though, because they can be just as stylish! I finish off the look with my favorite accessory: my three rings. A chunky white rose from a vintage website, an old Union army button from a street vendor in Savannah and a spooky brown eye.

I look forward to sharing my fall fashions with all of you wonderful people!