STYLE GURU BIO: Colton Madore

Hello fashion lovers! For those of you who do not know me, my name is Colton Madore, also known as “fashionablymadore” to those of you who know me by my personal blog. Words cannot describe how excited I am to be a returning Style Guru for the spring semester! I am currently a sophomore Fashion Merchandising and Communications Arts student at Framingham State University, a quaint yet lively school just a short drive from the city of Boston.

People always ask me what I live for and what my passion in life is. To me that is an easy answer – coffee. Oh, and fashion of course! Fashion has always been a part of my life. I cannot remember a time where I did not like going shopping. I have always been the friend that many come to and ask for clothing advice. I tell it how it is and I do not find a problem with that. Fashion is about finding yourself, expressing yourself and being comfortable. Something that I love about fashion is that it is always one step ahead. What you are wearing today will be old tomorrow, yet it may come back in the future. Always remember that style is forever.

I would describe my style as a little bit of everything – the past, the present, the in-between, yet always fun and comfortable. I honestly cannot pin point what my style is for the life of me. One day I will feel super confident and wear a colorful button-down with a pair of light washed destroyed skinny jeans and black high-top Converse. The next day I will be wearing an oversized sweater with joggers and Vans. What I wear reflects how I am feeling. Today, I decided to wear an over-sized sweater from a thrift shop as well as my favorite pair of skinny jeans from American Eagle Outfitters. The sweater keeps my look somewhat 90s, yet the skinny jeans keeps me looking up-to-date and modern. To finish off the look, I added my favorite pair of Steve Madden boots. I also cannot forget to mention my new haircut. I believe that hairstyles help finish off any look. This outfit has urban, confidence and comfort written all over it!

I have found that in order to truly be happy in life, you must chase after what you want. Do not let anyone steal your sunshine either, as you do not know what tomorrow brings. To me, fashion is my happiness and helps bring light to my life. I am so ecstatic to see what the spring semester has to offer and I hope you take the journey with me. Here’s to another RAD semester!