STYLE GURU BIO: Colleen Gritt

Hi everyone! My name is Colleen and I’m so excited for my first experience with CollegeFashionista! I’m a marketing major with a fashion history minor at the University of Delaware. After I graduate, my dream is to become involved with a marketing team for a fashion company!

I love dressing up, but with a more relaxed and laid back feel. My favorite time to get dressed is whenever I’m going out or going to a concert. I often find myself basing my look off a skater skirt or a button-front skirt. I like to pair this with a crop top, tights and converse. I often reach for denim jackets to top off the look! From a Sherpa lined jacket to a pastel denim jacket, the styles vary and have endless combinations of different materials and colors. When the weather is constantly changing from chilly to warm, it’s difficult to style an outfit. Also, when I have an early class it’s hard to know what to wear when it’s 52 degrees at 8:00 a.m., but 73 degrees for a class a few hours later. I like to layer up with my favorite piece: an embroidered denim jacket.

Since it’s been unusually chilly on the East Coast this spring, I’m wearing a lavender sweater crop top (bought from a thrift store), my favorite denim jacket (decorated with pins from one of my favorite bands), a black button-front skirt and converse. I jazzed up my outfit with rings that I usually wear everyday and a purple crystal necklace.

Thank you for reading! I’m so excited to get started with CollegeFashionista this summer! Please follow my posts for more fashionable updates!