STYLE GURU BIO: Cindy Suzuki

September 1st, 2015 at 2:10am

“Dressing up” is a powerful and underrated facet in life. I’ve found that no matter what situation I’m in, having a well-crafted outfit gives me a complete energy boost and influences my demeanor. By dressing up, you set yourself up for success as you put the best version of yourself forward. Putting my best foot forward (in pointed silver flats, of course), I’m ready to take on my second semester at CollegeFashionista.

I’m Cindy Suzuki: a senior at the University of California, Davis, where I’m studying Communication, Textiles and Clothing and Professional Writing. If I had a dollar for every time I had to list my respective majors and minors, I would have enough to replicate Shay Mitchell’s closet. Enough said.

I plan to make my last year at UC Davis a fashion-forward one. As President of the Student Fashion Association (SFA) at UC Davis, I have the honor of leading a club that is focused on sharing and celebrating fashion. Each year, our club hosts an annual charity fashion show that is centralized around a specific theme. It has been completely invigorating to find and work with folks of the same interest on a large-scale project like this, especially considering Davis’ low scale fashion scene.

This doesn’t dismiss the quaint and stylish few at our campus. In fact, as our campus celebrates uniqueness and diversity, UC Davis has helped foster my exploration with clothing. Here, I feel welcomed to try new styles without fear of negative responses.

I’m truly ecstatic to continue sharing my style story (and heaps of monochromatic outfits) with CollegeFashionista for a second round. I guarantee you’ll discover my penchant for silver statement necklaces and all things white—like my skirt.

This is my style story—what’s yours? If you’re an Aggie, I might just uncover it this fall, so stay tuned!