For as long as I can remember, I have loved playing dress-up. Some days, I decided to be a princess, while other days, I decided to be a businesswoman. From an early age, I shopped ’til I dropped and left room in my daydreams for all of my fashion fantasies. However, I could never decide on a specific style, and that still rings true today. I go from boho to urban, classic to modern and preppy to grunge interchangeably. My favorite thing about my style is that it has no label, even though the clothes used to assemble it do.

The same could be said about my personality. I love reading and writing, while also saving some room in my heart for biology and statistics. And, as an English major, I have fallen in love with every kind of book. From Margaret Atwood and Kate Chopin to George Orwell and Aldous Huxley, I admire every novel. My bookshelf is filled with plenty of classics, a few young adult novels and even some biographies. My taste in literature is almost as sporadic as my style!

Although I will never claim to have my style defined completely, there are still a few staples that I incorporate into every outfit, and most of them are accessories. I am a firm believer in using hats, bags, belts, necklaces, watches and rings to make an outfit pop. Sometimes, even the simplest belt or bag can make or break an entire outfit, and that is exactly why I love using belts with chambray dresses and shirts and carrying cross-body bags that match my shoes. While blue jean jackets, leather pants and lace kimonos are all fabulous additions to any outfit, I will always have a softer spot in my heart for chokers and hoop earrings.

For now, I have as much fun as I can with my style and take pride in the personality that it has adopted over the years. Even though my preppy phase could end tomorrow and I could take the acid-wash shorts out of hiding, I love my style’s frequent change and the assurance that I will never, ever get bored with my closet!